Friday, May 31, 2013

"Fully Human"

To Understand people
Must try to Understand what they are Not saying,
Perhaps what they will Never be 
able to Say...

so  Much to be a  Full  Human Being
that there are very Few
who  Have the Enlightenment
or the Courage,
to Pay the Price...
One has to Abandon altogether
the Search for Security,
and  Reach Out
to the Risk of Living
Both Arms.
One has to Embrace the World 
like a Lover.
One has to Accept Pain
as a Condition of Existence.
One has to Court
Doubt and Darkness 
as the
Cost of Knowing.
One Needs  a Will Stubborn in Conflict,
but  Apt  always to Total Acceptance
of  Every Consequence

~Morris L. West
in The Shoes of the Fisherman

31 May, 2013 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


 Are not fond of margarine. 
 Like us they prefer
Butter.  They do not have cholesterol problems
Because as yet they do not own TVs. For centuries
They have toiled in order that they might be able to
Take a night off and watch the Northern Lights which
Are their version of canned laughter.  They hate picnics
But feel compelled by Folklore to attend them
Or at minimum do a drive by chicken leg grab.  Their
Queen is a pain in the ass.  They don't love her but
Without her they would be common, so they serve her.
She is an insatiable nymphomaniac but they don't
Hold that against her trying to stay busy with their work.
Forgotten ancient Languages have been genetically
Imprinted in them at birth and they say things they
Don't understand.  Like us they often make bad marriages.
But because of their outstanding physical prowess
And Humility there is seldom cause for divorce. They
Haven't read the great Philosophers but they know them
Innately.  They love the Flowers of Spring and lacking
Perspective eagerly run all over them.  They
Are much like us.  They are nudists but because Puritanism
Has not invaded their genetic code, it does not 
Affect their work ethic and each Ant loves its own body.
Therefore they don't care about boots and 
Sandals.  Like us,
 Are driven by their Hearts and pretend
That it is all in the name of Duty.  Ants are never impulsive.
When they laugh, the Gardens of olde maids tremble.
Love to dance but lack a sense of rhythm so
They gave it up when Homer scorned them.  Rain is their
Sensuality.  It makes them feel delirious and late.  Quivering
And running between rain drops to their Fate,

~From Mudfish
by Vicki Hudspith

24 May, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


~For those who have Loved me, but especially for those who have let me Love them...

              OLD MAN:  Love, now, Love's another thing. 
 Normally speaking, there's your four kinds.  First off there's your light/fast  the sort that happens on a train or swimming or  a movie. Takes a lot of cheerfulness, does your light/fast. 
             Then there's your heavy/fast.  That's the sort as happens in a war.  Happened to a nurse and me beside the field-kitchen until the cook leaned out to cast slops.  Or was that your light/fast?  No, no.  To her, maybe, as she soon afterwards proved out by going over the hill with the cook.  To her it was just your olde light/fast, but not to me and that's where you have your trouble.
            Then there's your  light/slow.  That's the best of the lot.  Like floating is your olde light/slow.  Like two swallows of wine on a pain pill.  I only had your olde light/slow once and she left,  but that didn't stop it. Still get a touch of it now and then, especially when you can smell last year's leaf mold.
             Then there's your  heavy/slow!  That's the sort that spoils bad habits.  I know a man that got so improved by your olde heavy/slow that he married her.  Haven't seen him since, of course, but I've heard he's not dead.

~From the stage play "Waiting" by Jack Winter.

8 May, 2013