Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beannaichte's Blog: "Thanksgiving"

Beannaichte's Blog: "Thanksgiving": A  Life that is not shared  becomes tragically diminished. T o realize the immense value of a Life that is  fully shared, is to ...

Friday, November 22, 2013

"Mother God"


God to me
Is my dark-haired Mother,
Stroking my forehead
As she lullabies me to sleep.

My Mother is the Earth
And all her Creatures,
The Web that brings us into Relationship
With one another.

God to me
Is the Mother
Who Spills her Essence into the World,
Creating and Calling us to Create
From the wombs of our Being. 

God to me
Is the Mother 
Whose Voice was Drowned out
For most of History,

And yet,
I find her in my Deepest Wisdom,
Alone, I feel her Touch
Upon my brow,

Mothering me still,
Mothering us all.

~Lana Dalberg

22 November, 2013    

Friday, November 8, 2013


~ We must become the change internally 
that we are searching to bring 
about externally.
~ Gwendolyn  Zoharah Simmons, PhD

       Hand friend, Heart friend, Pillow friend, Spirit friend.  We need the Friends of our hands. We need the people who walk the picket line with us.  We need the people who sit with us as the kitchen table and listen to our stories.  Some of those are are hand friends.  Some are our heart friends. Who is it who will listen to your deep grief when you are disappointed in your children, when your best friend has betrayed you, when you wake up in the night weeping and afraid?  Who is it who will bring you the Gift of touch?  Hand friend, Heart friend, Pillow friend, and Spirit friend.  We need our ritual Sisters and Brothers.  And we need our Connection to the Divine, however we Language that and Know it.

~Marge Piercy;
"Woman on the Edge of Time"

8 November, 2013   

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Three Friends"

~There are three
friends of the winter:
the Pine Tree, the Plum Blossom, and Bamboo.
Pine Trees are strong.  They remain happy and green
throughout the year.
In the unbearable heat of summer 
and the severe cold of winter,
they Stand Unperturbed.
The crimson petals
of the Plum Blossom 
gleam brilliantly against the white snow,
with their magenta coloured flowers.
The ability to bloom in the midst of Misfortune
suggests Dignity and Forbearance
under harsh circumstances.
The Bamboo is the third
friend of winter.
Bamboo is Flexible,
bending with the wind but never breaking,
capable of adapting 
to any circumstance.
It suggests Resilience,
meaning we have the Ability to bounce back
from even the most difficult times.
Our Ability to thrive depends,
in the end,
on our Attitude 
to our Life's Circumstances.
~Take everything in stride
with Grace,
putting forth Energy
when it is Needed,
yet always staying Calm, Inwardly. 

~Ping Fu's "Shanghai Papa" 

5 November, 2013