Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I hear the song the blackbirds sing,
The rush of mountain waters, tis Spring;
The corn lifts its ears, without a sound,
Church bells ring all around.
 The doormouse flits in an out,
A little squeak, he cannot shout;
A boy, a flash, and then a scream,
Is this the End, or just a dream.

Darkness fell in mirky cloud,
"It's only midday," said the voice out loud;
On my God, what has gone wrong,
Why is the burn and the hurt so strong.
In the distance, yet another boom,
I glanced around, I saw the gloom;
Mummy! Mummy!, came the child's scream,
Mummy had gone and could not dream.

My heart is pained, but I recall,
The forest, these trees, once so tall;
Burning timbers still remain,
No more Life in wooden veins.
Puffing, Panting, breathing smoke,
I try to breathe, don't want to choke;
How I wish I could scream,
Just to wake, make this a dream.

My Brothers and Sisters, are they near,
Their Future is my greatest fear;
For myself, I am not so sad,
In this World, so big, so bad.
The so-called super powers of late,
They've disagreed and sealed our fate;
Wait! That sound, I heard a scream,
I am awake, it was a dream.

~Eddie Barber

30 July, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Stones Lifetime"

"nur steine leben lang"

Every time I look up to the Sky
I ask
Is that all
the little bit of time between-
Sun and Snow

between water and wine?
And I think of you
I would then-like a stone.

Only stones for life-
they have no Time or coercion
The little bit of water
which makes it less

is like a match in the night
And we would- like a stone.
`I can then a hundred times more
together, be with you


We we would - like a stone
Whenever I look into the sun
I feel myself infinitely small
if it is still burning
I'm not there long-
and it should it be?

 But I look at you
`I would then be a Star
no time and no penalty...

Only stones for life-
no time and no penalty. 

But what remains for us-always moving forward

only ever 

Further-never stand

and now and let's see in the Sky-
and understand nothing.
Only stones for life-
they have no time or coercion.*

Hans Hartz

*The above lyrics is the English translation of  a favourite song of mine.  
The translation from German to English, unfortunately is somewhat varied, 
 in the translation process.
However, the above, remains close, and comprehensible.
The lyrics are beautiful, with such deep meaning.
Hans Hartz  delivered the song with such  passion,
as was characteristic of his vocal style. 

We remember Hans Hartz...We remember. 

25 July, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013


one letter short


22 July, 2013


Friday, July 19, 2013

"Life Continues"...Part II

             ~ My Life continues, and my Life is me...
        You are with someone else?  I trust that you are Happy.
               At this deep level we are together and a distance of ten thousand miles is right next door.  No, not next door.  Right here.   I do not long for you, for you are with me, and this I like.  You do not occupy my thoughts, or my Life, but are with me like my breathing which goes on, keeping Life in me.  All the many yous I Love are together in me without clutter, those physically near me, too.  There is responsiveness in everything I do, and the whole world is very much alive.

              The goodness remains with me.  ~ It will always be...

               May All be well with you!


19 July, 2013 


Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Life Continues"...

              ~When I am in this world, non-possessive love is fully present-gently touching, never clutching.  I do not have to make corrections in me to arrive at it, as I sometimes do at other times.  In this world, this Love just is. You come toward me.  I have the feeling of a smile.  You leave me.  The same lightly dancing happiness remains.  I miss you sometimes.  I really do.  You enter my thoughts and you are not here.  But at the same time I am not missing you, for you are still with me. I wish you well.  I don't know what you are doing and I do not need to know.  My wish is a feeling without words,"May all be well with you."
              You are here.  That is good.
              You are not here.  The goodness remains with me. 
              My Life continues, and my Life is me... 


18 July, 2013  

Monday, July 8, 2013

"Green Eyes"

~Every Night we Light the Candle
that stands Beside our Bed.
But sometimes the Flame's too much to handle,
That's what you Said, that's what you Said~
You should Know,
because you Built a Fire in me and you made it Burn,
you Followed  me Watching every Move,
Matching every Turn.

Your Green Eyes they don't Miss a thing,
They Hold me Like the Sun going Down,
Warm me like a Fire in the Night, Without a Sound.

You were Waiting till I heard,
just as Patient as the Love Light in your Eyes,
You Never Threw away a Word, or ever Talked in a Disguise~
I ought to know.
You were a Beacon to a Sailor lost at Sea,
I Saw it in your Eyes when you Looked at me, so Openly.

The First time I ever Saw your Laughter
break Lose inside and Tumble Out to me,
MHeart Knew  it  had  Found what it was After,
and it came so Easily
We should Know.

After all the Years of the Hard and Lonely Times,
Now our Days go by like Best Friend's Story Lines,
Yours and Mine.

~Kate Wolf

8 July, 2013