Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Celtic Wisdom"

May the Light of your Soul Enlighten you,
May all your Worry and Anxiousness
About becoming older be Transfigured. 

May you be Given Wisdom with the Eye of your Soul,
To see this Beautiful Time of Harvesting.

May the Commitment to Strengthen your Goals,
Heal what has Hurt you;
To Allow it to come Closer to you,
And Become One with you.

May you have Great Dignity,
And have a Sense of how Free you are.

May you Above All know of
The Wonderful Gift of Meeting the Eternal Light,
And the Beauty that is Within You.

May you Ever be Blessed and Find,
Love in Yourself and All you Encounter.

~John O'Donohue

28 October, 2015

~In Loving Memory of our Mother; <<<+>>>, One of His Own Flock.
 We Remember...We Remember.

Monday, October 12, 2015

"Anam Cara"

I pictured You like this ~
There is Something I see in Your  Eyes
Some quality in Your Speech
That puts me in the mind, of another place in time. 
Long ago, You were out of reach ...
I can't say where or how
but I have known You for a long, long time.

Do You remember me ?
Am I familiar, too ?

I have looked for You,
each place I've been...
My Soul has searched for You
from a distant Place in Time.

MHeart goes out to You
Like a Magnet strikes to Iron...
I can no more ignore the force
Than a Moth drawn to the Fire.

~ An empty Space was left inside my Heart
and caused an ache that would not cease...
Until  Found the missing Part.

One Day if I disappear
and I am gone for good ~
Remember when I was here ~
and we Both understood.

And if You go away ~ if We are far apart...
I'll keep you Safe and Warm
In a Secret Corner of my Heart.

~ Until We meet again in another Place and Time
I hope You will not forget...
You are a Friend of Mine.

~ Unknown

~ Beannaichte'
12 October, 2015