Monday, February 27, 2012

"Fully Alive"

I will not die
 an unlived Life.

I will not Live in fear
of falling or catching fire.

I choose
 to Inhabit my days,
to allow my Living to open me,
to make me Less afraid,
more Accessible.

To Loosen my Heart 
until it becomes  a Wing,
a Torch, a Promise.

I choose
 to Risk my significance;
to Live so that
which came to me as Seed
goes to the next
as Blossom
and that which came to me
as Blossom,
goes on 

~Donna Markova
(20th century)

~To my Father; Happy Birthday!
I love you, Dad!  ~We Remember...We Remember.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"A Wish for My Children"

On this
 doorstep I stand
year after year
and watch you leaving
and think:

~ May you not
skin your knees. May you
not catch your fingers
in car doors. May 
your hearts not break.

May tide and weather
wait for your coming

May you grow strong
to Break all
 Webs of 
~Evangeline Paterson

~Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the Families and Friends ,of the Seven Marines,who perished in the Line Of Duty, in Arizona, on 22 February, 2012. 
 ~We Remember...We Remember.

Friday, February 24, 2012

"The Breakthrough"

the day came,
when the risk to remain 
tight in a bud, 
more painful,
than the risk it took
to blossom.
~Anais Nin

~Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Families and Friends, of the seven Marines, who perished, in the line of duty, in Arizona, on 22 February, 2012. ~We Remember...We remember.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


You  Cannot Help the Poor,
 by Destroying the Rich.

You Cannot Strengthen the Weak,
 by Weakening the Strong.

You Cannot Bring About Prosperity,
 by Discouraging Thrift.

You Cannot Lift the Wage Earner Up,
 by Pulling the Wage Payer Down. 

You Cannot Further the Brotherhood of Man,
 by Inciting Class Hatred.

You Cannot Build Character and Courage,
 by Taking Away People's Initiative and Independence.

You Cannot Help People Permanently,
 by Doing  for Them,
 What They Could and Should Do,
 for Themselves.

~Abraham Lincoln  

~Very wise words, written years ago, and we still do not get it...

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Sister Mouse and Wolf"

       Sister Mouse was about her usual day in her home~a lush green field , with lovely wildflowers, and tall emerald grasses.
       Suddenly, while scampering along one of her favourite paths, she saw Wolf.  My, what a magnificent creature, she thought. And yes, most surely, he was crying. As she drew closer, in hope of finding the reason for Wolf's tears and deep sorrow, she realized, he could not see. Sister Mouse had always been taught to give her very best, so immediately she knew what she must do. ~Sister Mouse chose to give her eyes to Wolf, that he might see, again.
       Wolf was ever so grateful to her.   So,he befriended Sister Mouse, and together, they decided to  Journey to Sacred Lake.
       Soon after they had begun their Journey, Wolf became overwhelmed with the prospect of seeing, again. So, he left Sister Mouse to go and re-discover the world that was lost to him, while he was without sight.
       Finally, after a time, Wolf decided to rejoin Sister Mouse, and they continued on their Journey to Sacred Lake.
      Wolf decided that he would like to give his best to Sister Mouse, so he allowed her to ride upon his back. Thus, providing her with strength and protection. 

><>  <><  ><>  <><
      On the path, not far into their Journey, they encountered Owl.~ Owl was wise , a true sage, indeed, thought Sister Mouse. Surely Owl could offer them the very best of directions to Sacred Lake. Sister Mouse inquired of Owl, in her usual quiet, gentle manner. Owl gave her directions, adding, "This was only something fools would believe in~Sacred Lake, indeed", said Owl, in a tone, filled with disdain. Sister Mouse was not to be discouraged. Instead, she stopped, taking time to offer a prayer for Owl, asking that he might be given Wisdom, not afforded by books, alone.
       Further into their Journey, Sister Mouse and Wolf met Cayote.* Cayote was known as a trickster and a jokester. First, he invited Sister Mouse and Wolf to join him for food and drink. After they accepted his offer, Cayote immediately asked Wolf to go to a nearby stream for fresh water. Wolf was happy to do this, since Cayote had shown them such kindness. So, off he went. 
      Once Cayote had Sister Mouse to himself, he attempted to convince her that Wolf was deceiving her and taking her in the wrong direction. Sister Mouse chose not to listen to Cayote. Instead, she chose to listen to the Still-Small Voice in her Heart. This Voice assured her that  Wolf's friendship could be trusted, and that his words to her were  true.~ Cayote's words and deeds were not to be trusted.
      Soon, Wolf returned, and without words or explanation, Sister Mouse and Wolf continued on their Journey to Sacred Lake.
      Soon, they would be approaching their final destination.
     As they drew closer to the lake, Wolf saw it was in a beautiful hollow. How he wished that Sister Mouse could see the Sacred Lake, and all of its great beauty. He thought, I will describe it to her. But Wolf felt sad, because he knew Sacred Lake's beauty could not be described in words, alone. But he must at least make an attempt... He hesitantly began to speak, but Sister Mouse assured him, she could already see Sacred Lake. She could see it with her Heart, and yes, it was most beautiful! Just then, Wolf realized, it was because of the great Love in Sister Mouse's Heart, that enabled her to see,again. ~Not with her eyes, but with her Heart.
    S ister Mouse would no longer allow Wolf to carry her on his back. Instead, she chose to walk down to the Sacred Lake, alone. Now leaving the protection and companionship of her friend, Wolf.
Trusting what she felt in her Heart, Sister Mouse knew she would be safe.
    Sister Mouse walked down, through the beautiful hollow, to Sacred Lake. She picked a small grassy ledge, protruding over the Sacred Lake, and quietly sat down.
   While sitting on the ledge, she heard the Great Spirit speak to her. Great Spirit asked her to jump into the air. Sister Mouse stood and obeyed , honouring Great Spirit's request. Then again, Great Spirit  spoke to her, asking her to jump into the air~only higher. And again, Sister Mouse obeyed.
Great Spirit spoke again to Sister Mouse, asking her to jump, again. But this time higher~much higher. Sister Mouse, for the third time , jumped into the air~very high~as high as she possibly could jump.~ Suddenly, Sister Mouse discovered that not only could she see again, but that indeed~she was flying. As she soared high with the wind...her strong graceful wings in elegant motion~Sister Mouse realized that she had, indeed~ become an Eagle!

~Story narrated by Jan Jones, PhD.,
and transposed by Alicia O'Hara C.1989



*Cayote is considered a Promethean character in Indian Mythology, meaning "fire to the world".
~We are not certain, as to the origin of this motif. However, we believe it rooted forth, from the Navajo Nation.

"A Free Mind"

A Free Mind
 is one that is untroubled 
or unfettered by anything,
to any particular manner
of being or worship
and which does
not seek
its own interest 
in anything but
is always immersed
in God's most precious will...
There is no work which men
and women can perform,
however small,
which does not draw
from this, its 
~Meister Eckhart


Saturday, February 4, 2012

"The Small Bouquet"

Better to Buy
 Small Bouquet,
Give It 
to Your Friend
This Very Day,
Then a Bushel
of Roses
White and Red,
To Lay
on His Coffin
After He's 

~An Irish Blessing
~To McKenzie: Congratulations! 



Invisible Thread
Connects Those Who 
Are Destined to Meet,
Regardless of Time,
and Circumstance.
The Thread May Stretch or Tangle.
But It Will 

~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

~To My Forever Friends...                                                                                         ~Beannaichte'(2-4-12)

Friday, February 3, 2012

"A Life of Grace"

~With every human encounter,
God gives us the chance to re-create our world.
 We can extend beyond the boundaries 
of our isolated existence and bless the person,
salute the Angel,
open our hearts to the similarly wounded one
that stands before us.
Or we can refuse to do these things,
feeling the pain of having someone else 
withhold from us their blessing, their salute, their love.
There is nothing and no one outside us,
so much as there are mirrors everywhere.
Every person is a part of us,
and we are a part of every person-
sacred the chalice that holds us together,
and painful the thoughts that would tear us apart.
Both are within us. It is ours to choose.
And we do choose constantly.
Let us choose the Divine.

~ Marianne Williamson;
 "Everyday Grace" 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


who approaches 
near to Me One span,
I will approach to him one cubit;
and he who approaches near to Me One cubit,
 I will approach near to him One fathom,
and whoever approaches Me walking,
I will come to him running,
and he who meets Me
with sins equivalent 
to the
whole world,
will greet him
equal to

~From the Mishkat al-masabih

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Ode to Jerry"

I give you this one thought to keep ~
I am with you still,
I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow;
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle Autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift , uplifting rush;
of quiet birds in circled flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do Not think of me as gone~
I am With You still,
In each new dawn.

~Native American Prayer 

~To Jay: In Loving Memory of Jerry.~A man who was incredibly kind, 
giving, and genuine.~ I am so sorry for your loss, Jay.  So very sorry.
For each of us, that knew Jerry, we are richer, for the knowing...
~We Remember...We Remember.