Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Letting Go"

       The Autumn Season makes it clear to me, as no other, the need for 'letting go.'
The trees speak the language, as they drop their leaves.  So beautiful, in all their rich autumnal colours, eventually making their descent to the earth, below. They do not hold on, as it is time to let go.

       The flowers that have graced us with their parade of colours, have let go of their blossoms, to rest until their next seasons, as to gift us, once again.

       Even the sky takes on a different cast, as if saying 'good-bye' to the bright azure blues, we have known in earlier months.

       The birds are flocking, as they prepare for their long Journey to a distant, warmer, climate. This is perhaps one of my favourite sights, of the Season.  It is truly a thing of beauty. It is also one of the saddest, as I watch them disappear into the grey sky, of Autumn. I am amazed by their ability to follow their course, so swiftly and steadily. I am equally saddened to know the perils that lay ahead of them.

       Perhaps, this is a Season that can lead us into a deeper understanding of 'letting go'. Its necessity, its process, and purpose, in the rhythm of all aspects of life.

       Unlike the human condition, Nature is not prone to sentimentality, other emotions, or mindsets. It is practical, and follows a path.  If that path is altered, it will usually readjust, as to follow its own natural course. There is no questioning or analyzing, only a definiteness of purpose.

       Nature is honest.  It speaks the truth of its circumstances, whether we like it or not.  No matter.

       Nature is guided by hope.  A hope that for everything that must diminish, something new will take its place...

       In my years, it has been difficult for me to understand, and accept, the language of 'letting go.'  Now, I realize, it is a necessary part of the Journey. ~A path that is not misguided, as I once believed, but one that is traveled with a definitive Hope... 

~ Beannaichte'
   Alicia O'Hara c.
 8 November, 2011
~ Posted on 30 September, 2015

~ When I began my blog, in October of 2011, this essay would become one of the most viewed, of my personal writings. Perhaps, this is because its content remains timely. I enjoyed the opportunity to write and share it, with each one of you. I believe it to be equally relevant, in the Autumn of this year. I hope you will enjoy it, as we continue on the Journey, together... 
Mile Buiochas!
~ Beannaichte'
  30 September, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Farmer's Tribute: So God Made a Farmer"

            And on the 8th day, God looked down on His planned paradise and said, " I need a caretaker."
So God made a farmer.
            God said, " I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the fields, milk cows again, eat supper and then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board.
So God made a farmer.
            " I need somebody with arms strong enough to rustle a calf and yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild.  Somebody to call hogs, tame cantankerous machinery, come home hungry, have to wait lunch until his wife's done feeding visiting ladies, then tell the ladies to be sure and come back real soon - and mean it."
So God made a farmer.
            God said, "I need somebody willing to sit up all night with a newborn colt.  And watch it die. Then dry his eyes and say, 'Maybe next year.'  I need somebody who can shape an ax handle from a persimmon sprout, shoe a horse with a hunk of car tire, who can make harness of haywire, feed sacks and shoe scraps.  During planting time and harvest season, will finish his forty-hour week by Tuesday noon. In spite the pain from the 'tractor back', he will put in another seventy-two hours.
So God made a farmer.
            God had to have somebody willing to ride the ruts at double speed to get the hay in ahead of the rain clouds and yet stop in mid-field and race to help when he sees the first smoke from a neighbour's place.
So God made a farmer.
            God said, "I need somebody strong enough to clear trees and heave bales, yet gentle enough to tame lambs and wean pigs and tend pink-combed pullets, who will stop his mower for an hour to splint the broken leg of a meadow lark.  It has to be somebody who'd plow deep and straight and not cut corners.  Somebody to seed, weed, feed, breed and rake and disc and plow and plant and tie the fleece and strain the milk and replenish the self-feeder and finish a hard week's work with a five-mile drive to church."
            "Somebody who'd bale a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing, who would laugh and then sigh, and then reply, with smiling eyes, when his son says he wants to spend his life 'doing what dad does.' "
So God made a farmer.

~Paul Harvey

 17 September, 2015   

Monday, September 7, 2015


~The Future has an Ancient Heart.
~Carlo Levi 


     The Seasons have once again, Dovetailed                    
Summer and Autumn join their place in the circle 
The Harvest Moon blesses their union with  her lantern   
The stars join in the Autumnal Celebration
A Season that is authored by the Great God 
A time that is meant for the weary  Heart
The loyal and transparent Heart-
One that is true.

The Sky is open and incredibly vast on the Plains
 There is seemingly  no beginning and no end
The Horizon has no boundaries 
Freedom is part and parcel of this Land
 A simple understanding remains; a resolve to respect 
That which is ancient-
That which is true.

The Nights have become much cooler
The air heavy with scent and sound of Harvest
Crops await  to be sheared by massive steel blades
  Harvesting  that which was born of seed, soil, sun and rain, 
 Nurtured by callused hands
 Simple prayers, baptized in sweat-
Tried and True. .

Autumn is a time for work and reflection
Before Dovetailing with the next season
The Circle embraces a renewed wholeness
 Each Season projecting its unique personality
Rooted in the Ancient, while welcoming the new
The Past skillfully assimilates the Future-
  Trusted and True.

Here, we live by the cycles of each Season
Close to the land and the open sky
Revering the rivers and streams
Knowing that rock, wildflower, and prairie grass
 Form a Plains Cathedral
Beneath the Prairie Sky-
 Sacred and True.

The Harvest Moon, now, slowly waning 
Preparing the way for the Hunter's Moon
Each Season,  guided by Circular movement 
 Her lantern, Blessing trail and traveler, alike
Bringing forth a fruitful Harvest
 Always Dovetailing-
  The Heart That is True.

~Alicia O'Hara c.
28 September, 2013
~ Posted on 7 September, 2015