Friday, December 28, 2012

"Idle No More"

is not Conquered
until the
of its
are on the 
then it is done,
no matter how brave
its Warriors
nor how strong

~Cheyenne Proverb

28 December, 2012

~Since 11 December, 2012, Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapistkat First Nation
has been on Hunger Strike.  On behalf of her people and all First Nations, Chief Spence
has requested a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss Canadian 
treatment of First Nation's people.  Too date, this meeting has not been granted. 
In the name of Justice and Compassion this meeting needs to take place, and
open dialogue must begin, for the benefit of all. This issue not only affects those in Canada,
but its consequences are far-reaching.
To Chief Theresa Spence: Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God continue to hold
you in the palm of His mighty hand.~May your Light continue to shine and be a continual Beacon of Hope to
all peoples of  First Nations. ~Beannaichte'!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I rise to the occasion
        and above the noise...

"I see in the near Future 
a Crisis approaching that unnerves me to tremble
for the Safety of my Country...
Corporations have been enthroned and an Era of Corruption
in High Places will follow,
and the many Powers of the Country will endeavor to prolong
its reign by working upon the Prejudices of the People
until all Wealth is aggregated
in  Few Hands
and the 

United States President;
Abraham Lincoln
21 November, 1864

13 December, 2012

~Very wise words, written many years, ago...and we still don't get it.  


"Social Commentary"

The names
 don't fool me one bit.
They're not deluxe hotels,
or summer cottages along the ocean.
They're prisons for the elderly,
neglected, and unwanted.
They're kindergartens for broken olde children,
with psychologically programmed games
to keep the children entertained.
Don't try to fool me.
You can cast me aside if I'm in the way, 
but I'm much too old to sit and play. 
My mind is sharp,
my senses keen.
I am no child, I am a man!
Don't make me end 
it all
where it began.

~Randy Jaroch

2 November, 2012

~We send out our prayers and warm thoughts to everyone affected by"Hurricane Sandy".
Sometimes, we have very short memories, and tend to forget that though the initial storm 
has past, there remains a lot of damage and people who are in need of the basic necessities
 of everyday living. Oftentimes, this is the worst time, as people have went without electricity, heat, 
and for many, their homes, for days. You are to be commended for your patience and courage,
through these days, of tremendous trial.
May God bless you, and yours, and may your burdens become lighter, 
with each new day.


 is our situation
 here upon earth.
Each of us comes for a short visit,
  not knowing why, 
yet sometimes seeming to a Divine purpose.
From the standpoint of daily life,
however, there is one thing we do know:
That we are here for the sake of others...
for the countless unknown Souls with whose Fate
we are connected by a bond of sympathy.
Many times a day,
I realise
how much my outer and inner life
is built on the labour of people,
both living and dead, 
and how earnestly I must exert myself
in order to Give in return
as much as I 

~Albert Einstein

4 November, 2012 

~We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by 'Hurricane Sandy.'
Please remember, whatever act of kindness you choose to give, at this time: It is not Charity-but Humanity!
~God Bless America! God Bless our World!

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Where Do the Guilty Go"

 the Stars
 begin to Tumble,
and there's a Sadness in the Sky
And you lose Faith in a World you use to know
 When the Innocent have Departed, and the Hurt begins to grow
Tell me where, oh where, do the guilty go.

Did you 
ever see the Sunrise
come to Meet a brand new Day
but the Birds in the Trees didn't show
Have you stood out on a Riverbank, and watched the Waters cease to flow
 And wondered where, oh where, do the guilty go. 

Did you
ever feel so Sad inside,
 Gutted to the Bone
And all the Faith you had in Justice is gone
 Did you ever look into the Sky, as the Moon just lost its glow
And wondered where, oh where, do the guilty go...

Tell me ~ Tell me; Where, oh Where, do the Guilty Go. 

~Frankie Miller

10 December, 2012 

Monday, December 3, 2012

"The Mystery"

 am the Wind 
 breathes upon the Sea,
I am the Wave of the Ocean,
I am the Murmur of the Billows,
I am the Ox of the Seven Combats,
I am the Vulture upon the Rocks,
I am the Beam of the Sun,
I am the Fairest of Plants,
I am a Wild Boar in Valour,
I am a Salmon in the Water,
I am a Lake in the Plain,
I am a Word of Science,
I am the Point of the Lance of Battle,
I am the God who Created in the Head of the Fire.

Who is it that throws Light into the Meeting on the Mountain?
Who announces the Ages of the Moon?
Who Teaches the Place where couches the Sun?

(If not I)
Translation by Douglas Hyde

3 December, 2012

* Amergin was a Milesian prince or druid who settled in Ireland hundreds of years before Christ
and is from the Leabhar Gubhala or ' Book of Invasions'.  He is considered one of Ireland 's earliest poets, 
and 'The Mystery ' is attributed as the first Irish poem.