Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Idle No More"

Weep  as  I  Hold 
the Book, with  Encircled 
Arms, close  to  my Chest.
I  think," Dear  God, What  have 
we Done?" 


"The  Earth  was Created 
by  the  Assistance of  the  Sun,
and  it  should  be  Left as  it Was...
The  Country  was  made Without  Lines of  demarcation,
and  it  is NMan's  Business  to Divide it...
I  See  the Whites  all  over  the Country  gaining Wealth,
and  See   their  Desire  to Give  us  Lands  that  are Worthless...
The  Earth   and  Myself  are  of  One  Mind.
The  Measure  of  the Land  and  the Measure of  our Bodies are  the Same.
Say  to  us If  you Can  say it,  that  you  were  Sent  by  the Creative Power  to  talk  to us.
Perhaps you  think  the Creator sent  you  Here to dispose  of  us as  you  see  fit.
If   I  Thought  you  were Sent  by  the Creator  I  Might  be  Induced  to Think  you 
had  the  Right  to  dispose of  me.
Do  Not  Misunderstand me,
but  Understand  Fully  with  my Affection  for  the  Land.
I  Never  said  the  Land   was  Mine to  do  as  I  Chose.
The  One  who  has  the Right  to  Dispose  of  it  is  the One  who  has Created it.
Claim  a  Right  to  Live on  my  Land,
and  Accord  you  the  Privilege  to  Live  on  yours. 


~Heinmot Tooyalaket;
Chief Joseph
Nez Perce

31 January, 2013


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Safe Harbour"

 Honest with me.
Share the Secrets of  your  very Soul,
for  Each  is Something  I want to  Know.
 Strong  at Times,
for  in  a hectic , competitive World
when  others  push  and  shout
I will Need a Gentle, Quiet Place to Hide, 
Place  where  Honesty  resides,
where  Strength is Tempered  with Gentility.
 that  Place  for  Me

~Randy Jaroch

11 January, 2013 

Monday, January 21, 2013


 Asked  him What  it was,
that  seemed  to have Disturbed  him so.
HStuttered  and  Explained
that  it  Bothered  Him 
to  Watch  the  Summer  Breezes Muss  her  Hair, 
to  see  the  Autumn's  brilliant  Reds  and  Golds
Reflected  in  her Eyes,
the   Kiss  of Winter on  her Cheek.
He said,  in Truth, that the Seasons themselves
had  given  him Cause to Envy.
It  was  the Way they  seemed  to Touch   her  Life
It  was  the Way he Never  had
and  Never  could.

~Randy Jaroch

21 January, 2013  


Monday, January 14, 2013


come to Pray,
but  I  sit  in  Silence.
I  am  Listening  for You  to talk  to me.
"Come, Let Go  of  your  Heavy Burdens.
Raise  up your Weary arms,
all  the  Light  and Yearning  they  Hold.
Into  My  Hands,
Rest  your  Hunger and Hurt.
Believe  all  you Seek 
is  not  beyond  Hope
Trust  it  is is Not

~Miranda Claudius

14 January, 2013

~In Dedication to the Community of Newtown, CT.
May God comfort those who mourn...
Our thoughts and prayers remain with you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Here we  are, Loving One, Mystery, Light,
beginning  to  Quiet ourselves,
beginning  to be  Still;

remembering You Created  us
to  Flourish  in  Love,
remembering  an olde Desire  to Grow in You.

We   long  to  be  More  than  we  are  Living now,
we  long  to Live  all  we  can  Become
but,  fearful, wonder  How  we can.

W try to  Choose  the  Best  and Truest Path
but  stumble  in  our  Living  and  Choosing.
Wwant  to handle  things ourselves;

we'd  rather  make  it  on  our  own,
and  besides,
Trusting You, God, can  be very hard.

But  we  need  more Light, Your Light
to  See  the ways  Ahead,
we  Need  more Wisdom, Yours, to Choose
The Way  that's Well  for us.

Here  we  are, Beginning Willingness,
Beginning  to Trust, to Open ourselves,
our  Lives  and  Decisions
to Your  Illuminating  Light.
Here  we  are, Loving  One, ready to Begin.

~Nancy Bieber

10 January, 2013 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


 Once again,
we call upon the Ancestors,
upon all the Sacred Directions.
Father Sky, and Mother Earth, Creator, God,
we Humbly ask You for Strength and Courage to Speak up against
injustice, greed,
and the destruction of our Sacred Water, Air, and Earth.
We Pray that all Women
Respectfully Guide the Men,
standing Side by Side, Balancing the Energies 
of Compassion, Generosity, and Love.
W Pray that all Nations Join together in Unity and Peace.
We ask for Help to Remember to be
 True Human Beings,
to Live in Goodness for Humanity and all Living Beings.
We place our Decisions and Actions to help Heal our Earth Mother
so that Peace and Love will await our Next Generations.
May you Bless us so that
We will always Choose to Think 


~Pilamaya Tunkasila, Wakan Tanka, Mitakuye Oyasin 

 To all my Relations,
 may you Walk in the Light of the Great Spirit.

~Rachelle Figueroa, Sundancer

3 January, 2013