Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"The Advent Wreath"

Four Candles slowly burned.
The ambiance was so soft,
one could almost hear them talking...

The First Candle said:
"I am Peace." 
"The World is full of anger and fighting,
Nobody can keep me lit."
Then the flame of Peace went out, completely. 

Then the Second Candle said:
"I am Faith."
"I am no longer indispensable.
It doesn't make sense that I stay lit another moment."
Just then, a soft breeze softly blew out Faith's flame.

Sadly, a Third Candle began to speak:
"I am Love."
People don't understand my importance,
so they simply put me aside.
They even  forget to Love those who are nearest to them.
I haven't the strength to stay lit."
And, waiting no longer,
Love's flame went out.

a Child entered the room
and saw the Three unlit Candles.

"Why aren't you burning?
You're supposed to stay lit until the end."

Saying this, the Child began to cry.

Then the Fourth Candle answered:
"Don't be afraid, I am Hope.
While I am still burning,
We can light the other Candles."

With shining eyes,
The Child took the Candle of Hope
and lit the other Candles.

The Flame of Hope should never
go out from your Life.

...and with Hope
each of us can live a Life with

Peace, Faith and Love !


30 November, 2016

~Together, the flame of Hope burns brightly...
    In Peace, Faith and Love!  
~ May this  Advent Season  bring  Blessings, secured in  the flame of Hope,  to you, and yours.
 ~ Beannaichte'   

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Dark Night"

~Where there is sorrow
there is Holy Ground.

~Oscar Wilde

       On the surface you may be amiable and flexible, but in your Dark Night you may discover the very important ingredient of toughness.  Oscar Wilde provides a good example.  He was a brilliant man who played the role of society's fool and fop.  He dressed as a dandy and had the reputation of being an expert on superficial style. But he was actually nothing of the sort.  Wilde was a thoughtful and religious man, a man of principle who spent years in jail simply on account of his homosexuality.  From prison he wrote one of the most remarkable testaments ever written, De Profundis (Out of the Depths), a letter any person suffering a Dark Night might appreciate. The letter is apropos of our theme:

       I have been in prison for nearly two years. Out of my nature has come wild despair; an abandonment to grief;...terrible and impotent rage;  bitterness and scorn; anguish that wept aloud; misery that could find no voice; sorrow that was dumb...
       Now I find hidden somewhere away in my nature something that tells me nothing in the whole world is meaningless, and suffering least of all.  That something hidden away in my nature, like a treasure in a field, is humility.

~Thomas Moore/
Oscar Wilde

28 November, 2016

~Oscar Wilde's 'De Profundis' can be found in its entirety, on the Internet, at various sites. It is a spendid essay, and  well worth the reading, especially if you are experiencing  Dark Nights of the Soul.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

"The Invitation"

doesn't interest me 
what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for,
 and if you dare to dream
of meeting your Heart's longing.
It doesn't interest me how olde you are.
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for Love,
for your Dreams,
for the adventure of being alive.
 It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon.
I want to know if you have Touched the centre 
of your own Sorrow,
if you have been opened by Life's betrayals
or have become shriveled and closed
from fear of further pain.
I want to know 
if you can sit with pain,
mine or your own,
without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it.
I want to know 
if you can be with Joy,
mine or your own,
if you can dance with Wilderness
and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your
fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful,
be realistic,
or to remember the limitations 
of being Human.
It doesn't interest me if the story
 you're telling me is true.
I want to know
if you can disappoint  another to be True to yourself;
if you can bear the accusation of betrayal
and not betray
Your own Soul.

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

5 November, 2016