Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"There Was a Time"

upon a time
  there was a
of fairie tale reality. 
Of cuddly toys and noisy things
that came to life at will.
How uncomplicated
was the game of living then.
The earth's circumference
was the distance around a room.
 outstretched arms were our resting stops.
How easy then
we were to please.
How small our wants,
how few our needs. 
So sheltered we were then,
 with human walls around us,
to ward off evil, pain, and sorrow.
But we outgrew our defenses

and chose to climb,
to leave behind the fairie tale security.
How foolish 
~Randy Jaroch

31 October, 2012  

~Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by 'Superstorm Sandy.'
We pray for the first responders. Your efforts are without equal. Thank you!
~God Bless the U.S.A.!
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

"The Guide"

~Worse than having no sight 
is having no vision.

~Helen Keller

       The day started out rotten. She overslept and was late for work. Everything that happened contributed to her frenzy.  By the time she reached the bus stop for her homeward trip, her stomach was one big knot.
       As usual, the bus was late- and jammed.  She had to stand in the aisle. As the lurching vehicle pulled her in all directions, her gloom deepened.
       Then she heard a voice from up front boom, "Beautiful day, isn't it?"  Because of the crowd, she could not see the man, but she heard him as he continued to comment on the autumn scenery, calling attention to each approaching landmark.  This church.  That park.  This cemetery.  That firehouse. Soon all the passengers were gazing out the windows. The man's enthusiasm was so contagious she found herself smiling for the first time that day.
       They reached her stop. Maneuvering toward the door, she got a look at their "guide": an older gentleman with a beard, wearing dark glasses and carrying a thin, white cane.


18 October, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


~No man is rich enough
to buy back his past.

~Oscar Wilde

evening now,
as the sun stooped in the western sky,
he'd pause and watch the sight,
with ever increasing interest.
For he knew his sun too
was setting,
settling between the weight of his years
And he would contemplate the night,
and with each one that came to pass,
he would worry more,
wondering if he were prepared
to face
 the everlasting dawn.
"I am ready," he said at last.
"It has been a full day,
 I am tired."

~Randy Jaroch

16 October, 2012 

Friday, October 12, 2012


 turn with Love
 my face to your sickness.
If one atom of my Heart
 shows a squeamish impulse to run away,
let it be said
 I am less Whole than you.
I turn with Love
 my face and Loving touch
to Ease your sickness
 and give Thanks to your Courage.
Let my Closeness
 be my Prayer
 for your Renewal.


12 October, 2012 

~To Sharon:
   Is Brea' Liom Tu'!   ~Beannaichte' 

" Night Walk "

a man
wishes to be sure
of the road
he treads on,
he must close his eyes
walk in the dark.

~St. John of the Cross

12 October, 2012 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


~She and I are sisters, the sea and me...

Our moods
 grow more and more alike,
the sea and me.
I hike along her shoreline
in the early morning hours.
And she's already wide awake and listening,
filling in my footsteps close behind.
I run to her crying,
and she holds me sympathetically,
as to say she's been there once or twice.
I grow fearful,
and come to find her trembling before a storm,
afraid like me.
I grow lonely,
and come to find her pulling at the horizon,
afraid to be alone like me.
Our moods
  grow more and more alike,
the sea and me.
 Could it be that we two are akin,
awaiting ships that won't come in? 

~Randy Jaroch

10 October, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

" The Family Thread"

     Much of our power comes from our past. We have always drawn upon the ancient world for knowledge, for enlightenment, even for example. Our philosophies, our political structures, our dramatic  expressions have long been guided by the systems of olde civilizations.    More narrowly, we also draw upon our own particular ancestries. Why the tradition of family portraits? How often do we tease apart the branches of the family tree- and grow more fascinated?                                                                                                           
     It seems not to matter much if that olde family thread of ours is frail or poorly traceable or even if it fades into obscurity.  We need the spirit of our past more than we need the facts; we need the pride more than we need the proof.  And the more mobile we become, and the farther we travel from our point of origin, the more we seem to want to return.  That is, if the Irish example can be judged; to have come from Ireland, no matter how long ago, is to be of Ireland, in some part, forever.

     Internationally, genealogical research has been one of the world's growing pastimes.  Within our origins we search for our anchors, our steadiness.  And everyone's journey to the past is different. It might be found in a legend or in the lore of an ancestor's courage or an inherited flair.  Or it might be found simply by standing on the earth once owned by the namesake tribe, touching the stone they carved, finding their spoor.  In all cases we are  drawn to the places whence they came- because to grasp who they were may guide what we might become.

~Frank Delaney
Ireland/ U.S.A.

7 October, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Child of October"

And in some distant winter,
of his life, he prayed it would be written:

Here was a man, 
at peace with his thoughts.
A man of few words,
who drew more truth from the gentle rains,
than from the words of other men.
Here was a child of October,
educated by November.
A man who treasured the wisdom
in the
Autumn's Silence.
Here was a man of the Fall,
who, like the Season,
was mindful of his limitations,
yet gave all that he had to give,
Here was a man,
touched by every person, place, and thing
he chanced to touch.
And ripened
by it all. 

~Randy Jaroch

3 October, 2012


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Please bless
 the sapphire globe
and the diamonds on the water.

Please cleanse
 the ground
and heal the air,
and save them all from us.

Forgive us
 our trespasses
and make not the earth 
trespass on us
as we have trespassed
on Her.

Have mercy
 on us,
and on Her,
and heal our broken bond.


~Marianne Williamson

2 October, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

"Faded Coat of Blue"

~We remember...
the Heart that beat so True.

No  more
 the  Cares  and  Suffering,
Call  the Weary One,
Rest Noble Spirit,
in Thy Great Unknown;
We'll  Find you,
and  Know you,
among  the  Good and True,
When  a Robe  of  White  is Given,
for a  Faded  Coat
of  Blue.

~From a "Faded Coat of Blue."

23 April, 2013