Sunday, January 29, 2017

" Snow Girl"

let us go into the yard behind 
and make a little
Snow Girl;
and perhaps she will come alive,
and be a little daughter for us."

says the olde woman,
"there's no knowing what may be.
Let us go into the yard and make a little
Snow Girl."
Then one morning,
when the last of the Snow had melted,
she came to the olde couple and kissed them both.
"I must leave you now," she said.
"Why?" they cried.
"I am a child of the Snow.
I must go where it is cold."
"No! No!"  they cried.
"You cannot go!'
They held her close,
and a few drops of Snow fell to the floor. 
 Quickly she slipped from their arms 
and ran out the door.
"Come back!' they called.
"Come back to us!" 

As she gazed upon him,
filled every fiber of her being,
and she knew that was the Emotion
that she had been Warned against
by the
Spirit of the Wood.
Great Tears welled up in her eyes...
and suddenly
she began 

translated by Lucy Maxym

29 January, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vince Gill - Go Rest High On That Mountain


 are  the  Music-makers,
We  are  the Dreamers of  Dreams,
Wandering  by  Lone  Sea-breakers,
And  Sitting  by Desolate  Streams;
World-losers  and  World- forsakers,
On  whom  the Pale Moon  Gleams:
Yet  we  are  the Movers  and  the Shakers
Of  the World  forever, 
 it seems.  

 wonderful   Deathless Ditties
We  Build  up  the  World's  great  Cities,
And  out  of  a  Fabulous Story
We  Fashion  an  Empire's  Glory:
One  man  with  a  Dream,  at  Pleasure,
Shall  go  Forth  and Conquer  a  Crown;
And  Three  with  a  new  Song's  Measure
Can  Trample  an  Empire 

in  the  Ages  Lying
In  the  Buried  past  of  the  Earth,
Built  Ninevah  with  our  Sighing,
And   Babel   itself  With  our  Mirth; 
And  O'erthrew them  with Prophesying
To  the Olde  of  the New World's Worth;
For  Each  Age  is  a  Dream 
 that  is Dying,
OOne that is Coming

~Arthur O'Shaughnessy

25 January, 2017 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Shadow of Loss"

~ In Loving Memory of Sharon...

 is hard to sing
 of  Oneness when our world is not Complete,
when those who once brought Wholeness 
to our Life have gone,
and nothing but Memory
can fill the emptiness
their Passing leaves behind.
But Memory
can tell us only what we were,
in company
with those we Loved;
it can not help us find what each 
of us,
must now become.
Yet no one is really alone;
those who live no more echo still within
our Thoughts and Words,
and what they did is a part
 of what we have Become.
We do best homage to our dead
when we live  our lives most Fully,
even in the Shadow
of our

~Jewish Prayer

15 January, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

"Fifth Season"

This is the Fifth Season
Where did the other four go
I sit, looking from my window
How time, passes so slow

 I sit, my mind filled with memories
Feeling  I'll die with this Pain
Wondering what game Time is playing
They told me next Season is Spring

I've restlessly waited for someone
Who really could show me some gain
But it seems people are so indifferent
 Please tell me someone, if you feel the same

  Why have they been so dishonest
The rest where given a name
Spring, Summer, Fall , and Winter
This is the Fifth Season ~ Pain

You sit, looking so complacent
I really would like to know
Are you really like this
Or don't you want the Pain to show

You know it won't help much
Turn your back, it doesn't go away
Hide, while in your guts, you're crying
Seasons, not like people, have their stay

 Free yourself and look again
My eyes, if you must have a reason
What you see are the Tears of Pain
Do you also know the Fifth  Season ~

Do you also know the Fifth Season ?

~ Alicia O'Hara c.
~ Written and put to music, in the Winter of 1975.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


~ It
is said:
is where
gets to tell

~ Unknown

~ Beannaichte'
5 January, 2017