Monday, April 22, 2013

"Irish Spirit"

       In a new global culture, Irish Spirit must be invented anew.  And if the new global culture presents special challenges to ancient ways, those ancient ways also challenge and illuminate emerging paradigms. In a virtual World, what is the significance of place, of the body? Irish Spirituality, never dualistic, both demands a rootedness in space-time and acknowledges an Otherworld beyond. In a global economy, what are the requirements for true prosperity? Irish Spirituality, like that of other indigenous cultures, offers a complex vision of reciprocity between human, animal, and vegetable spheres. In a democratic society, what constitutes power? Irish Spirituality encourages a subtle balance between the need for strong Leadership and the requirement to impose Limits upon it.
       There is much to mine from Ireland's rich Spiritual past: balance between Masculine and Feminine energies; humble commitment to Service; love of the word and the powers beyond the word; belief that a Leader's integrity is vital to the people's health; extraordinary sensitivity to place. And perhaps most Importantly, an awareness that this World is not all there is, that there are mysterious realms that affect us and that we, in turn, affect-Worlds just beyond range, out in the Western Sea, at the dim meeting of Sky and Cloud. It is such Eternal Visions that draw people, Irish and Otherwise, to Irish Spirit.

                                                                                                                              ~Patricia Monaghan 

22 April, 2013


Thursday, April 18, 2013

"And When..."

when you Drink
from the
River of Silence
Shall you

when you have
the Mountaintop
then you
Shall Begin 

when the Earth
shall Claim
your Limbs
shall you  

~Kahil Gibran

 18 April, 2013  

~Our Thoughts and Prayers are with All
who were Affected by the tragic events
in Boston, two days, ago.
As a Nation and as a Global Community;
WE CARE...    


Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Breath of Kindness"

the Comfort,
the Inexpressible Comfort
of  Feeling Safe  with  a Person;
having Neither to Weigh Thoughts  nor Measure Words,
but Pouring them All out,
Just as They Are,
Chaff and Grain together,
Knowing that a Faithful Hand will Take and Sift them,
Keep what is Worth Keeping,
and Then,
with a Breath of Kindness,

~George Eliot

4 April, 2013