Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"The Advent Wreath"

Four Candles slowly burned.
The ambiance was so soft,
one could almost hear them talking...

The First Candle said:
"I am Peace." 
"The World is full of anger and fighting,
Nobody can keep me lit."
Then the flame of Peace went out, completely. 

Then the Second Candle said:
"I am Faith."
"I am no longer indispensable.
It doesn't make sense that I stay lit another moment."
Just then, a soft breeze softly blew out Faith's flame.

Sadly, a Third Candle began to speak:
"I am Love."
People don't understand my importance,
so they simply put me aside.
They even  forget to Love those who are nearest to them.
I haven't the strength to stay lit."
And, waiting no longer,
Love's flame went out.

a Child entered the room
and saw the Three unlit Candles.

"Why aren't you burning?
You're supposed to stay lit until the end."

Saying this, the Child began to cry.

Then the Fourth Candle answered:
"Don't be afraid, I am Hope.
While I am still burning,
We can light the other Candles."

With shining eyes,
The Child took the Candle of Hope
and lit the other Candles.

The Flame of Hope should never
go out from your Life.

...and with Hope
each of us can live a Life with

Peace, Faith and Love !


6 December, 2017

~Together, the flame of Hope burns brightly...
    In Peace, Faith and Love!  
~ May this  Advent Season  bring  Blessings, secured in  the flame of Hope,  to you, and yours.
 ~ Beannaichte'   


  1. That is lovely, glad I read that, go raibh maith agat, Kevin.

  2. Dia duit Kevin. I appreciate your visit and your willingness to leave a comment. Mile buiochas. ~Beannaichte'!

  3. Hi there, Alicia,
    This is beautiful, as I have come expect from your postings. I send you my best wishes for the Christmas and New year time. I posted one of my poems on a group that I follow on Facebook. It has received multiple good comments, I wondered if you would care to give it your treatment and maybe share it on your blog for your followers. As you will also notice I have changed my website. My best regards, Dusti x

    If I should not wake up one morning

    If I should not wake up one morning
    Remember that I love you.

    As the early morning sun
    Streams through the window
    I will be in every ray.

    As you walk along an empty beach
    With seemingly just the sound
    Of the surf for company
    It will be me saying I am here.

    In the midst of the greatest storm
    With a hurricane force wind blowing
    It will just be me shouting
    I am with you always.

    In the darkness of the night
    When you are sleeping
    And your slumber is disturbed
    By a sound that you are not sure
    That you really did hear
    It is only me whispering
    That I am ever near.

    Remember this,
    If I should not wake up one morning.

  4. Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, Alisia.

  5. Dia duit Paddy. It is always good to read your words. I appreciate your willingness to leave such a lovely comment, as I appreciate you.
    ~ Mile buiochas mo chara.
    ~ Beannaichte'
    ~ As Ever,
    ~ Alicia