Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Shadow of Loss"

~ In Loving Memory of Sharon...

 is hard to sing
 of  Oneness when our world is not Complete,
when those who once brought Wholeness 
to our Life have gone,
and nothing but Memory
can fill the emptiness
their Passing leaves behind.
But Memory
can tell us only what we were,
in company
with those we Loved;
it can not help us find what each 
of us,
must now become.
Yet no one is really alone;
those who live no more echo still within
our Thoughts and Words,
and what they did is a part
 of what we have Become.
We do best homage to our dead
when we live  our lives most Fully,
even in the Shadow
of our

~Jewish Prayer

15 January, 2017


  1. My dear friend, These are beautiful words for Sharon. She will always be with us in our minds, hearts and souls. Blessings to you dear Alicia!!!

  2. Osiyo, Redwolf. I appreciate your words, and then some... It is good to share in the very good. S'gi, dear friend. S'gi! ~Beannaichte'!