Wednesday, January 25, 2017


 are  the  Music-makers,
We  are  the Dreamers of  Dreams,
Wandering  by  Lone  Sea-breakers,
And  Sitting  by Desolate  Streams;
World-losers  and  World- forsakers,
On  whom  the Pale Moon  Gleams:
Yet  we  are  the Movers  and  the Shakers
Of  the World  forever, 
 it seems.  

 wonderful   Deathless Ditties
We  Build  up  the  World's  great  Cities,
And  out  of  a  Fabulous Story
We  Fashion  an  Empire's  Glory:
One  man  with  a  Dream,  at  Pleasure,
Shall  go  Forth  and Conquer  a  Crown;
And  Three  with  a  new  Song's  Measure
Can  Trample  an  Empire 

in  the  Ages  Lying
In  the  Buried  past  of  the  Earth,
Built  Ninevah  with  our  Sighing,
And   Babel   itself  With  our  Mirth; 
And  O'erthrew them  with Prophesying
To  the Olde  of  the New World's Worth;
For  Each  Age  is  a  Dream 
 that  is Dying,
OOne that is Coming

~Arthur O'Shaughnessy

25 January, 2017 

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