Thursday, October 18, 2012

"The Guide"

~Worse than having no sight 
is having no vision.

~Helen Keller

       The day started out rotten. She overslept and was late for work. Everything that happened contributed to her frenzy.  By the time she reached the bus stop for her homeward trip, her stomach was one big knot.
       As usual, the bus was late- and jammed.  She had to stand in the aisle. As the lurching vehicle pulled her in all directions, her gloom deepened.
       Then she heard a voice from up front boom, "Beautiful day, isn't it?"  Because of the crowd, she could not see the man, but she heard him as he continued to comment on the autumn scenery, calling attention to each approaching landmark.  This church.  That park.  This cemetery.  That firehouse. Soon all the passengers were gazing out the windows. The man's enthusiasm was so contagious she found herself smiling for the first time that day.
       They reached her stop. Maneuvering toward the door, she got a look at their "guide": an older gentleman with a beard, wearing dark glasses and carrying a thin, white cane.


18 October, 2012

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