Thursday, January 10, 2013


Here we  are, Loving One, Mystery, Light,
beginning  to  Quiet ourselves,
beginning  to be  Still;

remembering You Created  us
to  Flourish  in  Love,
remembering  an olde Desire  to Grow in You.

We   long  to  be  More  than  we  are  Living now,
we  long  to Live  all  we  can  Become
but,  fearful, wonder  How  we can.

W try to  Choose  the  Best  and Truest Path
but  stumble  in  our  Living  and  Choosing.
Wwant  to handle  things ourselves;

we'd  rather  make  it  on  our  own,
and  besides,
Trusting You, God, can  be very hard.

But  we  need  more Light, Your Light
to  See  the ways  Ahead,
we  Need  more Wisdom, Yours, to Choose
The Way  that's Well  for us.

Here  we  are, Beginning Willingness,
Beginning  to Trust, to Open ourselves,
our  Lives  and  Decisions
to Your  Illuminating  Light.
Here  we  are, Loving  One, ready to Begin.

~Nancy Bieber

10 January, 2013 

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