Thursday, January 3, 2013


 Once again,
we call upon the Ancestors,
upon all the Sacred Directions.
Father Sky, and Mother Earth, Creator, God,
we Humbly ask You for Strength and Courage to Speak up against
injustice, greed,
and the destruction of our Sacred Water, Air, and Earth.
We Pray that all Women
Respectfully Guide the Men,
standing Side by Side, Balancing the Energies 
of Compassion, Generosity, and Love.
W Pray that all Nations Join together in Unity and Peace.
We ask for Help to Remember to be
 True Human Beings,
to Live in Goodness for Humanity and all Living Beings.
We place our Decisions and Actions to help Heal our Earth Mother
so that Peace and Love will await our Next Generations.
May you Bless us so that
We will always Choose to Think 


~Pilamaya Tunkasila, Wakan Tanka, Mitakuye Oyasin 

 To all my Relations,
 may you Walk in the Light of the Great Spirit.

~Rachelle Figueroa, Sundancer

3 January, 2013  



  1. ~You are welcome, Redwolf. You are welcome. ~Beannaichte'!