Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Social Commentary"

The names
 don't fool me one bit.
They're not deluxe hotels,
or summer cottages along the ocean.
They're prisons for the elderly,
neglected, and unwanted.
They're kindergartens for broken olde children,
with psychologically programmed games
to keep the children entertained.
Don't try to fool me.
You can cast me aside if I'm in the way, 
but I'm much too old to sit and play. 
My mind is sharp,
my senses keen.
I am no child, I am a man!
Don't make me end 
it all
where it began.

~Randy Jaroch

2 November, 2012

~We send out our prayers and warm thoughts to everyone affected by"Hurricane Sandy".
Sometimes, we have very short memories, and tend to forget that though the initial storm 
has past, there remains a lot of damage and people who are in need of the basic necessities
 of everyday living. Oftentimes, this is the worst time, as people have went without electricity, heat, 
and for many, their homes, for days. You are to be commended for your patience and courage,
through these days, of tremendous trial.
May God bless you, and yours, and may your burdens become lighter, 
with each new day.

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