Monday, February 27, 2012

"Fully Alive"

I will not die
 an unlived Life.

I will not Live in fear
of falling or catching fire.

I choose
 to Inhabit my days,
to allow my Living to open me,
to make me Less afraid,
more Accessible.

To Loosen my Heart 
until it becomes  a Wing,
a Torch, a Promise.

I choose
 to Risk my significance;
to Live so that
which came to me as Seed
goes to the next
as Blossom
and that which came to me
as Blossom,
goes on 

~Donna Markova
(20th century)

~To my Father; Happy Birthday!
I love you, Dad!  ~We Remember...We Remember.

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  1. 28 February, 2012
    ~Happy Birthday, Dad!
    It seems as if so many years have past, since you left us.~Oftentimes, I think of you. My latest blog entry is so fitting, for you.
    You lived life with such a fierceness, that it sometimes frightened me. Yet, you lived life! ~I will always remember you.~The Musician...The man with the map of Ireland, on his face.~You were always larger than life. And yet, at times, I think you were so incredibly vulnerable and frightened.~I hope you have found the Wholeness and Healing, you so well deserved. I hope you have found Peace! I will always love you, Dad! ~We Remember... We Remember. Your Daughter, Alicia ~Beannaichte'!