Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Stones Lifetime"

"nur steine leben lang"

Every time I look up to the Sky
I ask
Is that all
the little bit of time between-
Sun and Snow

between water and wine?
And I think of you
I would then-like a stone.

Only stones for life-
they have no Time or coercion
The little bit of water
which makes it less

is like a match in the night
And we would- like a stone.
`I can then a hundred times more
together, be with you


We we would - like a stone
Whenever I look into the sun
I feel myself infinitely small
if it is still burning
I'm not there long-
and it should it be?

 But I look at you
`I would then be a Star
no time and no penalty...

Only stones for life-
no time and no penalty. 

But what remains for us-always moving forward

only ever 

Further-never stand

and now and let's see in the Sky-
and understand nothing.
Only stones for life-
they have no time or coercion.*

Hans Hartz

*The above lyrics is the English translation of  a favourite song of mine.  
The translation from German to English, unfortunately is somewhat varied, 
 in the translation process.
However, the above, remains close, and comprehensible.
The lyrics are beautiful, with such deep meaning.
Hans Hartz  delivered the song with such  passion,
as was characteristic of his vocal style. 

We remember Hans Hartz...We remember. 

25 July, 2013

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