Friday, July 19, 2013

"Life Continues"...Part II

             ~ My Life continues, and my Life is me...
        You are with someone else?  I trust that you are Happy.
               At this deep level we are together and a distance of ten thousand miles is right next door.  No, not next door.  Right here.   I do not long for you, for you are with me, and this I like.  You do not occupy my thoughts, or my Life, but are with me like my breathing which goes on, keeping Life in me.  All the many yous I Love are together in me without clutter, those physically near me, too.  There is responsiveness in everything I do, and the whole world is very much alive.

              The goodness remains with me.  ~ It will always be...

               May All be well with you!


19 July, 2013 


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