Sunday, October 30, 2016

" A Mother's Prayer"

~ A Child is born,
Into a world unknown;
A world of beauty, love, and sorrow,
This Child has yet no knowledge of life;
Nor has he fear of tomorrow.

Each day his eyes that watch the Morning Star,
They seem to gain more brightness;
His reaching out into the dark,
Will turn the dark to lightness.

My Heart forever I will share with him,
As I watch over him day by day;
The night Silvered and Silent, watches him rest,
Yet, still I watch over him, and silently pray.

He will wander through life unknowingly,
Many times he will stumble and fall;
But like all of us, yes, all of us,
He will stand again, preparing for the next fall.

My Son, there are so many words to say,
Yet only by living You shall know;
Your Peace of Mind, will feed your Heart,
And only by this can You strongly grow.

~ Alicia O'Hara  c.
30 October, 2016 

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