Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"Welcome, 2015!"

In the Spirit of Peace;  
~ Soon, we will say `Goodbye', to the year of `2014',
 and `Welcome'
in the New Year of ' 2015' !
I wish you, one and all ,
a very happy, healthy, and prosperous
New Year!
   May the New Year provide that which is meaningful
to your Heart, your Mind and Body,
and especially ~ your Soul.
~This is my prayer for you;
Be kind to yourself, and each other. 
Work together and Play together. 
Laugh, because it is good for you,
and others. 
Cry, because it makes you so very human,
and your Soul sensitive to others.
Improve yourself. Improve your World!
And remember, when it is all said and done,
there is only one thing that will really matter ~
How much did you Love yourself,
and one another...
At a truly unique place in time ~
I wish you, and yours, a truly
Happy New Year!

~ Beannaichte'
30 December, 2014
Alicia O'Hara

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