Friday, January 6, 2017

"Fifth Season"

This is the Fifth Season
Where did the other four go
I sit, looking from my window
How time, passes so slow

 I sit, my mind filled with memories
Feeling  I'll die with this Pain
Wondering what game Time is playing
They told me next Season is Spring

I've restlessly waited for someone
Who really could show me some gain
But it seems people are so indifferent
 Please tell me someone, if you feel the same

  Why have they been so dishonest
The rest where given a name
Spring, Summer, Fall , and Winter
This is the Fifth Season ~ Pain

You sit, looking so complacent
I really would like to know
Are you really like this
Or don't you want the Pain to show

You know it won't help much
Turn your back, it doesn't go away
Hide, while in your guts, you're crying
Seasons, not like people, have their stay

 Free yourself and look again
My eyes, if you must have a reason
What you see are the Tears of Pain
Do you also know the Fifth  Season ~

Do you also know the Fifth Season ?

~ Alicia O'Hara c.
~ Written and put to music, in the Winter of 1975.

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