Sunday, May 27, 2012


If I were Free to Speak my Mind,
I'd tell a Tale to all of Mankind,
Of how the Flowers Bloom and Fade,
Of how we Fought, and how we Paid.

This weary World has had its Fill,
Of Words of War on every hill,
The Time has come for Peaceful Days,
And Peaceful men of Peaceful Ways.

When all of Mankind has Ceased to Fight,
I'll raise my head in Thanks each Night,
For this Return, and all it Means,
For Golden Days and Peaceful Dreams. 

~Peter, Paul, and Mary


We know that Freedom is not Free.
 To all our Servicemen and Women in the 
Armed Forces,
both Past and Present:
Thank You,
from those of us back Home.
Your Sacrifice will Not be

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