Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Seedroot Visions"

~  In my Life, I never know what is going to transpire. Seeds of possibilities fly like the milkweed pod bursting open, releasing a thousand White Wing Wishes on a blustery autumn wind. Storms for these podmates only dare their bold flights to reach further distances. Touching down to Earth, these seedroot visions Grow even through hard cement cracks or abandoned fields of Dreams. ~Waiting for their bloom, the Monarch Butterflies find the tender shoots in the sidewalks or empty meadows because Life cannot resist itself and there is a Hunger for the Mother's milk Nature gives. There amidst the underbellies of the soft green leaf, a caterpillar Knows.  She Knows. She spins a cocoon streaked with Gold more Precious than metal, for an oncoming Metamorphosis no one can yet see, yet alone believe.  ~ You and I are Spinning for the Future with our Hands. ~ We Know, that it is Time and We are Ready, though we may not yet know how.

1 September, 2016

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