Saturday, August 5, 2017

"Vietnam" knows not its own depth
until the hour of separation.

~Kahlil Gibran

The bond between us
was as strong as any tie that binds
the hearts and minds of men and women.
But men are taught,
Don't speak of love,
when speaking of another man.
You must uphold the image
of your masculinity.
And so it was, with Tom and me.
As only men express their love,
he'd slug my arm and slap my back.
I'd answer with a gentle shove.
A few years back, Tom breathed his last,
somewhere in Vietnam.
I cried alone, where no men could see,
with no one there to slug my arm.
I loved that guy, so help me God.
I wish that I had told him so.

~Randy Jaroch

5 August, 2017

~ In Memory of Jim Connor.  ~ Safe Journey, my friend.  ~ We Remember... We Remember.


  1. Ross was my friend. When he walked into a room, his smile lit up the place. He was gentle, and he could be tough. He was planning on becoming a doctor. Yet, when his number was called, he believed it to be his duty to go to war. So, he went to Vietnam. He was a medic. Ross helped many a fellow soldier. While he tended to their wounds, he always had a smile, a kind word, and a silent prayer. Ross loved people. Ross loved life. He was caught in a cross-fire, while trying to get wounded comrades to safety. Ross was blown to bits. He did not know what hit him.
    That minute, that hour, that day- a light went out. A beacon in that hellish war. Ross was a friend of mine.

  2. ~The first time I posted this entry, it was in memory of my friend, Ross.
    However, three weeks, ago, I lost another friend; James Connor. He was much like Ross. I believe it to be fitting to post this in memory of him, as well. Though he died at an older age, and not in Vietnam, he, too, served in that hellish war. He received a Purple Heart, and was incredibly devoted to this Country and those who serve, past and present.
    When we lose people, such as Jim, another light goes out. We are compelled to remember those that served in wartime, and beyond. When we fail to do so, we make the mistake of repeating history, again.
    Yes, Jim, was a friend of mine.
    ~ We Remember James Connor. We Remember.
    ~ Beannaichte'!