Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Seasons Turning"

~I shall love you in December
with the love I gave in May.

~John Alexander Joyce 

I have known your smile, my love,
elevating my soul,
speaking the unspoken language of the heart,
responding to the whimper of a heart
crying out to you.
I have known your touch,
erasing the trials of the day,
renewing lost confidences,
warming to the touch of a hand
reaching out for yours.
I have known your love
and the joys of loving you.
I have learned that love is a study in pain,
rewarded with satisfactions,
too profound to be of man's invention.
I have thanked God each and every day,
for all I have come to know of you,
from you, 
for you. 

~Randy Jaroch

25 September, 2012

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