Sunday, December 28, 2014

"First Annual Report"

Year  on, my love,
A Year  since we Parted,
You  to  the  Prayer-wrapped Unknown,
Me  to  a Cell  called Freedom

In  your  Place I have Memory,
stingy  Usurper
Dispensing  crumbs
From  the  banquet  of  your Table

Like  a donkey  in Omeath
Kicking  my Pride
And  your  Laughter
Animating  the  Mournes

OChampagne  Saturday
When  we  whooped  and  Danced
To  new Celestial  Arrivals
On  our Cherished Firmament

Your  light  is on  Dim  now, my love,
Yet  blinding  Flashes of you
Startle  me  awake
From  the  barren  Limbo of  Dreams,

You'll  be  pleased God  is Back,
HLeft  when you died,
Went  a.w.o.l.,
Like  He'd  been  found out
Not  having  the  Answers
And  Permitting  instead  a Soothing Indulgence:
Why  hast Thou Forsaken me

Yet  there  again, my dear,
must  Allow  for Pre-occupation
With  Glamorous  new Arrival,
Introductions  all  round,
Glasses Raised  and  all  that,
Yours  a  spritzer, my love?

That's  about  It  for now, my dear,
Except to  say the blubbering  is Ceased
And  Sorrow's  sickly syrup of Self
Expunged  from  the Menu  Hope  and  Prayer,  that  is

My  love

~Gerry Corr

28 December, 2014


  1. Divided by the Veil

    Even though they still make me cry,
    It's those little things that I remember the most.
    The quiet moments that we shared together,
    Knowing smiles we gave each other
    When one of us said something stupid
    The peals of laughter we made out loud.

    And it might be hard right now,
    But it will be these memories
    That will ease away the pain
    And bring back the smiles again.
    Every night the heartache
    Will get a little easier.
    Everyday the pain clouds
    Will hopefully get thinner
    And the warmth that was you
    Will gently break through.

    Not a day goes by that I don't wish
    You were still here.
    I just want to tell you
    That no-one compares to you
    And I miss you so much.
    I wish I could spend just a day with you
    One last time.

  2. Hello Dusti. Your poem is heartfelt and beautiful, in its truth and clarity. It is an honour to publish it. Thank you! ~Beannaichte'!

    1. Thanking you greatly for your kind remarks, I have been reading your other entries on here, I am deeply impressed.Looking forward in earnest to reading more! My best regards, Dusti