Friday, March 8, 2013

"For Strong Women"

... A Strong Woman
is a woman who Loves Strongly
and Weeps Strongly and is Strongly Terrified 
and has Strong Needs.
A Strong Woman 
is Strong in Words, in Action, in Connection,
in Feeling;
she is not strong as a stone
but as a Wolf suckling her Young.
Strength is not in her,
but she Enacts it as the Wind
fills a Sail.
What Comforts her
is Others Loving her Equally
for the Strength and for the Weakness
from Which it Issues, 
Lightning from a Cloud.
Lightning Stuns.
In Rain, the Clouds Disperse.
Only Water of Connection Remains, Flowing Through us.
Strong is what we Make Each Other.
Until we are Strong Together,
A Strong Woman,

~Marge Piercy

8 March, 2013

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