Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Lichen and Moss"

              Plants, rocks, waters, the land itself with its Sacred sites, Circles and directions participate in  reciprocity.  If you take something from the land-a herb, a rock, a moment's rest in a quiet spot-you must leave something. In the great round of being, all bring Wisdom and Support one another's Life.  Maniilaq, the great nineteenth-century Inupiaq prophet, taught that everything is relationship, like stars in a constellation, constellations within constellations.
              Mountain ranges endure the passing of many generations.  Braided rivers run blue with the blood of glaciers.  The land is audacious with many coloured varieties of arctic flowers, berries, mushrooms and herbs.  The soil is only inches deep, resting upon permanently frozen underground.  Fragile layers of lichen, moss, and alpine flowers make their way through difficulties of the harsh world.
              So it is with me...

~Barbara Flaherty

The great sea has set me in motion,
Set me adrift
And I move as a weed in the river.
The arch of the sky
And the mightiness of storms
Encompasses me,
And I am left
Trembling with Joy. 

~Inuit Poem

15 July, 2015  

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