Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"West Texas Waltz"

He was a honky tonk hero
She was the West Texas Rose
He had his hands clenched in hatred
She made the sweet flowers grow.

They met on a Saturday evening
At a place called the "Last Chance Saloon"
Her hand in his stopped the trembling
When he laughed as they danced
 cross the room.

The jukebox was playing a beautiful song
A tune called the "West Texas Waltz"
And it seemed like the whole world 
was dancing along
With the music controlling it all.

Away, come away from that window
Come lay down beside me awhile
You know I stepped out of the shadows
To walk in the Warmth of your Smile.

Nobody knows me like you do
You changed me and made me a man
I gave up the life of an outlaw
The day that you gave me your hand.

 He was a honky tonk hero
She was the West Texas Rose
They met on a Saturday evening
 She made the sweet flowers grow.  

~Billy Joe Shaver

 29 March, 2016  


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  2. Thank you for posting this my dear friend! A very interesting story Billy Joe has. And Waylon being one that used his music. Have a Beautiful day! Blessings!

  3. Asiyo Redwolf.
    You are quite welcome, as always.
    Billy Joe's Shaver's is a story of perseverance and courage, while enduring incredible personal tragedy and loss. He is to be admired for his professional accomplishments, and his personal triumphs. ~I can understand why Waylon Jennings chose to use Shaver's music. He is someone that I believe Waylon would have admired musically and personally.