Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Sweet Love"

Sweet Love,
 don't deny me just a hand to hold
I may not always be the one who sees
I find myself blinded, from time to time
Reaching out for someone who can take the lead
And in my weariness I've tried to cry-
Though my eyes are dry,
I've cried inside.

Sweet Love,
let me Lay myself Beside you
And  Listen to your breathing til it slows
 Long enough to Dream a Vision of my Life
Wrapped up in the Gentle Winds that blow
A Vision of a Life lived long, ago-
I see it,
 though the Lights are low.

Sweet Love,
like the Leaves that fall
The Scenes go Drifting by my eyes
I remember Holding you
Telling you, it will be all right
You know the Road looks Straight, from far Away
But it Turned into a Blind curve-
And I've Lost my Way.

Sweet Love,
let me Lay Beside you~
Wrapped up in the Gentle Winds that blow...

~Kate Wolf

 5 January, 2016


  1. ~No one could paint a picture, with her lyrics, and song. quite like Kate Wolf. She took the most delicate of subject matter, and painted a beautiful canvas-always strong and true.
    I can't help but wonder what her life's work would have entailed, had she been given more years, as her career was relatively short, spanning ten years. Yet, Kate, gave us her very best, and then some...
    ~We Remember, Kate Wolf...We Remember.

  2. Dia Duit Jan.

    It is always good to read your words...
    ~Mile buiochas mo chara.