Monday, October 9, 2017


~The Future has an Ancient Heart.
~Carlo Levi 


     The Seasons have once again, Dovetailed                    
Summer and Autumn join their place in the circle 
The Harvest Moon blesses their union with  her lantern   
The stars join in the Autumnal Celebration
A Season that is authored by the Great God 
A time that is meant for the weary  Heart
The loyal and transparent Heart-
One that is true.

The Sky is open and incredibly vast on the Plains
 There is seemingly  no beginning and no end
The Horizon has no boundaries 
Freedom is part and parcel of this Land
 A simple understanding remains; a resolve to respect 
That which is ancient-
That which is true.

The Nights have become much cooler
The air heavy with scent and sound of Harvest
Crops await  to be sheared by massive steel blades
  Harvesting  that which was born of seed, soil, sun and rain, 
 Nurtured by callused hands
 Simple prayers, baptized in sweat-
Tried and True. .

Autumn is a time for work and reflection
Before Dovetailing with the next season
The Circle embraces a renewed wholeness
 Each Season projecting its unique personality
Rooted in the Ancient, while welcoming the new
The Past skillfully assimilates the Future-
  Trusted and True.

Here, we live by the cycles of each Season
Close to the land and the open sky
Revering the rivers and streams
Knowing that rock, wildflower, and prairie grass
 Form a Plains Cathedral
Beneath the Prairie Sky-
 Sacred and True.

The Harvest Moon, now, slowly waning 
Preparing the way for the Hunter's Moon
Each Season,  guided by Circular movement 
 Her lantern, Blessing trail and traveler, alike
Bringing forth a fruitful Harvest
 Always Dovetailing-
  The Heart That is True.

~ Alicia O'Hara 
~ Copyrighted material; 28 September, 2013
~ 9 October, 2017

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