Friday, May 5, 2017

"if' i"

i  looked through your eyes,
would  i see the Hunter's Moon; in awe of its beauty and mystery
would the Stars hold a Mystery; my eyes fixed to the Sky
would the Sun burn with the Fire of Ten -Thousand Suns
would my face be washed Clean with Tears, because of this Beauty
would Smile from a place, deep Inside-
 Knowing, i  have Touched the Sacred Mystery, "if".

"if" i  looked through your eyes
would i walk the Path; Moonlight Guiding each footfall
would the Stars be  the truest of Diamonds 
would the Sun impart Healing, with Eternal Light
would i Touch my Tears and not be ashamed
would i Smile  from a  place, that runs Deeper than Rivers-
 wouldKnow, i have Shared the Sacred Mystery, "if"...

"if" i continued to look through your eyes
would  Sway with tall prairie Grasses, that Dance in the Wind
would  i  continue to Stand Tall; akin to the mighty Oak
would i be equally Graceful, as the Weeping Willow
would my Voice resonate with the Gentleness of the Cottonwood
would Smile in the Sunlight, shimmering through Myriad of Treetops-
would  i   Know, i am a  Part of the Sacred Mystery,"if"...

"if"  while looking through your eyes
would i  realise, all Life is Precious
would i be True to the Wisdom of my Ancestors
would i Trace their Footprints, imprinted on the Land
would i  see the Signature of God, everywhere
would i endure Struggle to know Freedom-
would  i  Know  that  Creation is Borne  of Sacred Mystery,"if"...

"if" after Journeying with you
wouldKnow  that i  must Look through my eyes
would  i  be Faithful and Cherish  my Vision 
would Accept my Woundedness;
 Knowing, this is the Way of  Redemption
would  i  be Willing to Sacrifice Pleasure for Freedom; from self
would Know  that Life is a Gift; and Not a given-
would i then, Know;
 Sacred Mystery is Absolute-
 Never Guided,  by a "would",  an "if"- or an "i".

Alicia O'Hara
c. 20 October, 2013 

~ Beannaichte'
5 May, 2017


  1. My dear friend this is beyond stunning! Beautiful and incredible!!!! Thank you!

  2. Osiyo Redwolf. It is always good to read your words. I am grateful, and yes, honoured, to call you, "friend". S'gi! ~Beannaichte'! Alicia