Monday, November 23, 2015

"Brother Warrior"

Gentle Warrior
With your Heart like Gold and a Rainbow in
 your eyes
Brave Companion
Do you see a World shining in the Sky?
With your Body dancing like an Arrow
Spreading Joy beneath your feet
And your Hands that wave like tall Grass
In the Wind as you speak.

With the Shyness of a small Child
And the Wisdom of a Saint
I tell you, now
There is no Reason to be afraid.

Brother Warrior
There are None of us who Walk  this Path, alone
Spirit Healer is the only Life that we have ever 
I see your Smile in the Sunlight
I hear your Song in the Rain
And I Hold you here, inside me
I Feel your Love and know your Pain.

At this Time, when the Earth is Waking
To the Dawn of another Age
I tell you, now
There is no Reason to be afraid.

We  are Crying for a Vision
That all Living things can Share
And those who Care 
~ Are with us,

~Kate Wolf

 23 November, 2015 

1 comment:

  1. ~ The Best and most Beautiful things must be Felt with the Heart.
    ~ Helen Keller
    ~ May All be Well with You.
    ~ Beannaichte'