Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"One Final Act"

I wonder what happened
Was it quick or was it something you had planned
You brought us so much happiness
With your quicksilver wit
And your amazing physical humor
The sadness and grief; played out on the big screen -
But now, it's finished; in one desperate act.

You brought us laughter when we were sad
You taught us how to become more tolerant
You gave us your best in every role
What could we have given you
To realise: life is worth living
On screen; you gave us reason to hope -  
You stopped hoping; in one final act.

We loved you for everything you were
An original, cut from a tapestry worth its weaving
How could you be so selfish
Why couldn't you make peace with yourself
Or was that the one role you could not master?
You, a master of masters -
 Now, we weep at your one final act.

You gave so much of yourself to us
Is that how you lost yourself
You answered so many of the big questions for us
Through your brilliance on screen and comedic wit
You made us think about what really matters
Did you forget the answers -
In that one final act.

I want so much to be compassionate
Instead, I feel hurt and angry
You betrayed us, those who loved you
And yes, you betrayed yourself
So many of us wish we could have reached you 
Or would we only have delayed the inevitable -
Before choosing; one final act.

 You helped us understand:
 Our mental-health system is broken
Your life, and death; made us look at this fact, again
I pray it will not be in vain
 What became your final release
 Must never become an acceptable option -
 That is chosen; one final act.

In spite of all that I am feeling
Or perhaps, because of what I am feeling
I will miss you, deeply
I thank you, for all you gave us in life
I can never be grateful for your horrific death
Your choice was the ultimate betrayal -
A desperate; one final act.

- O Captain! My Captain! . . .

We remember Robin Williams . . . We Remember.

Alicia O'Hara
Copyrighted  material : Dated; 13 August , 2014

~ Beannaichte'
22 August, 2017

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