Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The winter winds lay harsh upon my shoulders
 I am shielded with a protective strength
Reminding me of something, perhaps, someone-
of long ago.

Who is equal to question our place in time
The dye has been cast in spite of us
Now entwining in rivulets of  blue-green crystalline waters-
Clearing away, what no longer needs to be.

We move through the day with a new-found certainty
Awash with the sunlight of clarity 
When  night falls, the Candlelight dances-
With Quiet cadence of Soulful embrace.

What is equal to question our place in time
The dye is cast from an age-olde knowing
Forged by days, scrubbed bare by Prairie winds-
Teaching us the Truth of belonging.

We smile, understanding the depth of our meaning
Standing Together; anticipating the cusp of Sacred Mystery 
 A Circle of  intimacy enfolds us-
As we lay claim to Relationship.

When will our place in time be written
  A place that is borne of Leaving and Arrival
Where the leaving of olde griefs, now too heavy to carry-
The arrival, a new place; anchored by Sun and Moon.

A place where time is not measured in Chronos
Long-defined by the age-olde ticking of the clock
Instead, Kairos determines our mutual joining-
A Touchstone nurturing Reciprocity and Truth.   

So now, my Love; How will we answer
 Will it be with Grace and longing, perhaps commitment
 Embracing that which Life has gifted us-
The Why of it;
 measured in indeterminate Time.

  ~Alicia O'Hara 
~ Copyrighted Material ;19 January, 2014

24 January, 2018


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