Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Abuse: A Love Story"

How many men
 are there in Ireland like Sean,
 beautiful wronged
beings who hurt others in order to protect
            How many women              
have been baffled and hurt by their intense love
 and swift rejection?
  many children wonder over their father's rages and mood shifts? 
      How many 
       lives are lived without joy,
 because joy is such a strong solvent that the rigidly
   constructed outer personality
     dissolves and the terror reveals itself?   
When I think of the pain
 Sean inflicted upon
 I shudder.
 If I could
go backwards in time,
 what I know now, would
 I refuse his dumb-
show of pain, refuse to put on the black
 cassock-like dress,
 so I would be spared the cruelty
I endured?
 I think so.
 But then I think:
 perhaps someday that silenced
child will remember that,
 he showed someone
 what happened,
 and that
afterwards he was not hurt,
 or maimed,
 or killed.
 And perhaps then Sean will
have the courage to seek
 the help
 he so desperately needs.

 And the joyful times
 we spent:
 if I could unlive them, would I do so,
  in order to avoid the painful aftermath? 
 Sometimes I think so. But more often 
    I think-I pray- that it will ultimately have been worth it,
that the memory of our        
     honeymoon will rest in Sean's memory until one day
knowing himself capable of
such delight, he will find the strength
to fight past his demons 
and claim the life he
so desires.
                                                                                                                     ~From"Irish Spirit";
By Lucy Delores Moore
~Beannaichte' (3-21-12)

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