Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have viewed the Lenten Season,
 as a Journey,
for many years.
 the Path has become blurred for me,
 this year. 
 I can not, nor will I judge this, in any manner.  To do so, I would be judging a Process. One that I do not pretend to  understand. Nonetheless, it is a Process, and a part of the Journey.
It has been an incredibly painful time.
 Yet, sometimes it is during the harsh Seasons of Pain,
 that the true Path is revealed. I am only asked to remain on the Path, however unclear. Oftentimes, I grope in the Darkness. Yet, equally frightened of what the Light will reveal too me.
It has been a time of Grief. Not in small doses.
 At times, it has been nearly all consuming. Yet, somehow, my feet have remained on the Path.
I do not know if I will ever be able to explain,
 or understand this,
this side of Heaven...
 I am finding a deeper meaning to  Life,
 and Living. I am learning a sense of Compassion, that sustains me, daily.~ I am learning a sense of Compassion for myself, and the unknown Path  I am traveling.
I am learning the same, for my Fellow Travelers.
It has taken some incredible Losses for me to have the 
smallest of understanding about this-
Yet, I am beginning to understand.
Life is a very wise and patient Teacher.
I choose Life.
I choose Peace.
Peace is a Gift, but one that comes at a Price.
Nonetheless, it is a Gift.
The Journey is not easy for any of us, when 
taken in Truth, Courage, and Sincerity~
 Life is incredibly 
harsh, at times. 
There is a Zen saying, that states;
"You can not tread the Path,
until you Become the Path,
I think of this when I reflect 
upon the Twelve Stations of the Cross,
during this Lenten Season~
Jesus Truly Became the Path for Us.
He suffered Pain, Grief, Separation, Loneliness,
Hunger, Abuse, and Darkness, to the very point
of Death~ a Death that He did not deserve.
Yet, He freely choice it.
And though He stumbled and fell,
and needed the help of another,
to carry the Cross~
He did not veer, from the Path~
the Path that keeps us on Course, until we 
make that final Journey,
to a Heavenly Home.
Jesus paid the price~In Full! 

Perhaps, my Lenten Journey
not so blurred, as I had thought...

28 March, 2012

~To my Family, Friends, and new-found Friends, on Twitter. You can find them@beannaichte  

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