Thursday, April 5, 2012


are Sisters...
our memories
filled with the same images
of Family pets
braided hair and Kinsale Cloaks 
Holiday gatherings
and long car trips.

with our own world of negotiations,
truces, pacts, secrets,
and looks of shared understanding,
United by a million everyday moments
that became
a Lifetime of Sharing.

We are Sisters...
And we need Never ask ourselves
who we are,
for in each other we can see
the girls we were,
the Women we have become,
how far we have Traveled
in our Journey Together.

And we know what only
Sisters can know...
that a Love that Grows 
through stages and phases
is Stronger for having been tested. 
That sticking together
works for almost anything Life can throw at us.
 That we Belong to each other
in a way we can never Belong to anyone else~ 
in a way that is Deep, and Lasting, and Real.


~To Sharon, my Irish Twin. Is Brea' Liom Tu'!  ~Do Dheirfiur, Beannaichte' 

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