Wednesday, June 13, 2012


       The following statements reflect how my faith and personal understanding teach me how to live 
with the diversity of this world:

* Take care of yourself.
* Lovingly accept the self, both the flaws and the   strengths, for then it is easier to continue steadily and
accept others with humility, humour, gentleness, and  compassion.
* Never compare the self with others; feeling  disheartened or developing arrogance does not serve 
the self nor others.
* Each one of us has our own puzzle piece; enjoy  making yours beautiful.
* Take time to enjoy the self and family and friends.
* Pray and/or meditate with God every day,  filling the self with that Divine peace, Love, and Power.
* Enjoy moments, little successes, and know that when  things are tough or don't seem successful, it is
only an opportunity to learn a virtue more deeply.
* Know that each thought of Love and Peace is  incredibly important, for the self, others, and our planet.
* Know that each one of us is loved by God.

~From;Living My Values 


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