Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Lady in White"

She rides in her dreams
A gallant white horse
The snow it falls upon her
And melts in her remorse.

Not the pattern of Nature 
But the Dreams of her mind
Love now lost in distant miles
Again, she will find.

She rides to her castle
And steps from her mount
The Lady in White
Acclaiming this account.

A gentlemen caller
Holds out his hand
Asking her to follow
His masterly command.

His words they are so empty
She does not hear a sound
Her bed he will share tonight
Where silent loneliness is found.

She asks him to hold her
While she prays for quiet rest
But he leaves before the dawning
Now, his shadow her only guest.

He walks away so quietly
Not knowing what she feels
Pain is the price that she must pay
For the time the gentleman steals.

She knows that she is foolish
Sir Galahad doesn't ride anymore
The Lady mounts her white horse, again
As the gentleman walks out her door.

~Yes, she knows that she is foolish... 

Alicia O'Hara C.

5 May, 2015 

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