Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Ghostly Lover"

It was only just a week, ago
In quiet Sadness I sat by your side
I Heard your Ghostly Lover calling you
While I Stumbled for the Truth, 
through your Lies.  

Promising me, you would Spend some Time
Yet I Knew your Time was on Loan
To the One who Burned her Shadow
Into your Brain
To Her you must Return.

I Heard her Voice as she Spoke Through you
How I Felt the Pain in your eyes
The Wick of our Candle was Smothered by Time
But your lover's Fire is still Alive.  

Her Embers they seem Still enough
Yet Reckless and Quick to Flare
Her Flame  Consuming our Chapter in Time
The Story line, Surrendered 
to the Fire.

Move On, Move On, with her Shadow 
at your back
Move On, with her Voice at your side
Your Ghostly Lover ~ calling you back 
To Fragments 
of a
 Dying Fire.

~Alicia O'Hara 
c. 11 March, 2013

27 May, 2015    


  1. Very stong words, I enjoyed it. I rank it a ten since you didn't rank me a ten =)

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    Alicia O'Hara