Thursday, November 22, 2012


 Life that is not shared
 becomes tragically diminished.
To realize the immense value of a Life that is 
fully shared, is to recognise the 
True significance 
of the 
 ~Perhaps, this is the only 
real and lasting definition of Success.

And I quote:
"There is a Light in this World,
a Healing Spirit more powerful 
than any darkness we may encounter.
We sometimes lose sight of this Force when there is suffering,
too much pain.
Then suddenly this Spirit will emerge,
through the lives of ordinary people, 
who hear a call 
and answer
extraordinary ways."

For the many who have answered the call
in an extraordinary way~
I thank you. 

~May God bless each and everyone of you~
in an

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alicia O'Hara

22 November,  2012 

~@ beannaichte. 

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  1. 22 November, 2012
    Dear Mom,
    Today is your birthday, and Thanksgiving Day. I miss you so very much. Yet, I know you left so much of your goodness with Karen, Sharon, and me. I know that your love is true and perfect. I sense your prayers, and I know your nearness. ~Stay near, stay near.
    Sharon is so very ill and that saddens me more than words can express. My heart has been made open, by its breaking...
    I believe it will not be much longer, until she will join you. That will be such a happy reunion for the pair of you. Like you, her suffering will be over. She will be free. Her Journey on this earth will be completed.
    Mom, Thank you, for your love and your prayers.
    Simply, thank you, Sweet Mom.
    Happy Birthday!
    I love You~always I will love You!
    Your memory remains the colour of roses...
    Your Daughter,