Monday, November 12, 2012

"My Sister's Journey"

~ From my sister, Sharon*...
Our Heavenly Father has a thousand 
Ways to provide for us of which we know
nothing. Those who accept the One Principle
of making the Service of God Supreme, will 
find perplexities vanish before 
their feet.
The Faithful discharge of today's duties 
is the Best preparation for tomorrow's trials.
Do not gather together all tomorrow's
liabilities and cares and add
them to the burden
of today.
(Matthew 6;34)
<><  ><> <><
Let us be Hopeful and Courageous,
Despondency in God's Service
is unreasonable.
He knows are every necessity.
To the Omnipotence of the King of kings
our Covenant-Keeping God unites
the Gentleness and Care
of the Tender Shepherd.
His Power is Absolute,
and it is a Pledge of the sure
of His Promises to All
who Trust Him.
He has means for the removal
of Every difficulty,
 that those who Serve Him
 and Respect  the means He employs
 may be
His Love is as far above all other Love
as the Heavens are above the earth.
He watches over His Children
with a Love
that is Measureless
In the Darkest days,
when appearances seem most forbidding,
have Faith in  God.
He is working out His Will,
doing All things Well 
in Behalf of 
His people.
The Strength of those who 
Love and Serve Him
will be Renewed
Day by Day.
He is able and willing to bestow
upon His servants All the help
they Need. 
He will give them Wisdom
which their varied necessities demand.
Said the tried Apostle Paul:
`He said unto me,
My Grace is Sufficient for thee:
for My Strength is made Perfect
  in Weakness.'
(2 Corinthians 12:9)
<><  ><> <><

~Ellen White


* My sister continues to demonstrate these words in her life, on a daily basis. She is in the final stages, of cancer.
Sharon, you are a Brave Soldier, a beloved Sister, Wife, Aunt, and a True Friend, for so very many- and a fierce advocate for the abused and suffering animals, that you so deeply respect and love. 
 May Our Lord continue to hold you in the Palm of His Mighty Hand!  Is Brea' Liom Tu', 
Your sister, Beannaichte'

~One final note, I have been blessed with a wealth of intelligent, talented, hard-working, and compassionate people, through Twitter. Please visit them @beannaichte .

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