Friday, March 30, 2018

" Found"

I come here each Day

I am Searching 

The Water, the olde Bridge-
the Trees 

They are my outward View 

Yet, my Search 
remains Inward.

I want to tell someone
about my Search 
But what do I say
My Search is leading me 
into New Territory-
Unknown Territory
How do I Reveal this to another.

I watch the people
Do they hold a Clue
I am at Home with the Children
They wear no Masks
I am Drawn to their Honesty
I Understand their Curiosity
I Trust their Vulnerability.

I study the Birds-
flitting from branch to branch
I like their Certainty
I watch the Geese and Ducks
I am in Awe of their timeless Grace
They Live within their Space in Time
They are Free.
The Clouds Gather
My Eyes begin Tracing them for an Image-
another Clue
I Know it is Written here
In this Place, I so dearly Love
Here I am Not Alone
It is the Cloak of my Healing.  

I Breathe Deeply
Until my Lungs are Filled-
Amassed with this Sacred Beauty
My Heart beats in Unison
with this Place-this Sanctuary
Here I am Not Lost
But I am Found. 

I walk to the Middle of the Bridge
Standing, Looking out onto the Water
A Bass Leaps in the late afternoon Sun
Then, I realise
I never go Completely across the Bridge
It is Time for me to Risk it-
Follow my Heart's Leading
I will Cross the Bridge...
~I am Found.   

Alicia O'Hara .
Copyrighted Material;. 4 June, 2013

30 March, 2018


  1. This is beautiful in it's simplicity....and deeply moving - lovely to read your words.


  2. Dia duit April.
    I welcome your visit, as I welcome your words. Thank you!
    Earlier today, I visited your blog, for the first time. I understood your words, and I applaud your strength-solid and true.
    ~Warm Wishes!

  3. Truly Beautiful my dear friend! Thank you for sharing! Many Blessings!

  4. ~Wopila, Redwolf. Wopila!


  5. Your words are beautiful and encouraging - here's to always crossing the bridges of life.

  6. Dia duit Mairead.
    It is always good to read your words. I appreciate them, as I do you.
    ~Mile buiochas!