Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I hear the song the blackbirds sing,
The rush of mountain waters, tis Spring;
The corn lifts its ears, without a sound,
Church bells ring all around.
 The doormouse flits in an out,
A little squeak, he cannot shout;
A boy, a flash, and then a scream,
Is this the End, or just a dream.

Darkness fell in mirky cloud,
"It's only midday," said the voice out loud;
On my God, what has gone wrong,
Why is the burn and the hurt so strong.
In the distance, yet another boom,
I glanced around, I saw the gloom;
Mummy! Mummy!, came the child's scream,
Mummy had gone and could not dream.

My heart is pained, but I recall,
The forest, these trees, once so tall;
Burning timbers still remain,
No more Life in wooden veins.
Puffing, Panting, breathing smoke,
I try to breathe, don't want to choke;
How I wish I could scream,
Just to wake, make this a dream.

My Brothers and Sisters, are they near,
Their Future is my greatest fear;
For myself, I am not so sad,
In this World, so big, so bad.
The so-called super powers of late,
They've disagreed and sealed our fate;
Wait! That sound, I heard a scream,
I am awake, it was a dream.

~Eddie Barber

30 July, 2013


  1. ~Eddie was my friend. He died two years, ago, this coming September, in his beloved U.K. He was a soldier, and had seen active combat. He hated war. He loved Life, Country, family, friends, animals and music. This would be the only poem he ever wrote. It was written after having a dream about war - one of many. He believed in what he had to do, as a soldier. Yet, he had no illusions, regarding war. He died, hoping for a better world for all.
    Eddie was a good man. He was my friend. I miss him.
    We Remember, Eddie...We Remember!

  2. You're words are beautiful my dear friend. We will always have the ones we care for in our hearts. Thank you for sharing this! Many blessings to you!

  3. ~Osiyo Redwolf.

    ~Whatever the Heart gives away, is never lost, as it is kept in the Hearts of others.
    We are richer, when we extend our hand, and Heart, in sincere friendship. So it goes... so it goes.

    S'gi, my dear friend. S'gi!