Thursday, November 23, 2017

"Daughter of the Wind"

~To know the road ahead,
ask someone who is returning.

There are no spoken words, this night
 My thoughts are in a tangle
 Another night of stirring the ashes
  A  new flame, yet to arise
 I begin to recognise a new-found clarity
One that I choose to befriend-
a daughter of the wind.

Life presses down 
Its complexity overwhelms me, I must go to the Quiet 
A place that is intrinsic to my knowing
I find the primitive, yet familiar language
 Passed on to me, from the olde ones
Laying hold of me, with a firm grasp- 
a daughter of the wind.

I continue to contemplate the ashes
I stir them with absolute and trusted force
Knowing a flame will burst forth;
Brilliant in its Hope and Direction
 The Way  requires a concentrated focus
I clear the stones, strewn onto the Path- 
a daughter of the wind.

At times, I stumble and grow weary
The roots of the past exercise unyielding power
Their grip is tenacious; I continue onward
In movement, I find a rhythm that frees me
From the confines of the past
It is as it ought to be-
a daughter of the wind.

Then I see You, walking on the road
Your smile is welcoming, your eyes incredibly wise
You are the One, returning
I want to know how you made the Journey
What are the Lessons you carry closest to your Heart?
A Voice echoes; down through the corridors of the ages-
a daughter of the wind.

I sense you know the Way
You have made the Journey,  returning stronger
Life requires that we face our fears; the unknowing 
The Torch is passed on: one generation to the next
Your steps were not without pain;  the exacted price of  Glory-
I meet my Mother; a daughter of the wind. 

~ The Flame casts a brilliance... older than Time.     

~ Alicia O'Hara
~ Copyrighted Material; 13 December, 2013

~ Beannaichte'
23 November, 2017

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